Saturday, February 23, 2013

WANTED.... Feb. 26

People who have known me for a while know that I'm kinda nuts for British fiction, tv and comics and even the UK covers of novels. So yeah I'm a long time Doctor Who fan, I often prefer UK writers of SF & F, dig 200AD and the like. I'm not sure what it is maybe its the lure of the different or just my crow like attraction to the shiny but I do get exited when a new British speculative fiction writer comes on the scene. Fade To Black by Francis Knight sounds to be right up my alley with the promise of a weird imaginative setting along the lines of China Mieville and the promise of dark adventure, corruption and dark magic you could say I'm going to give it a shot.

The fine people at Orbit have provided some enticements like some teasers of the book for free, interviews and such here to get you hooked too.

This is dystopic, its noir, its about faith and about belief. There is a lot of modern commentary in this that I see with the magic and the emergent behavior of people and it all makes dark depressing sense. I loved this book for everyone it is, it's not perfect but it is such a good read.



Wolfhound Century is the kind of novel that pulls for so many genres that its hard to typify in terms that can be easily approached. Peter Higging pulls from Russian folklore as much as he is pulling for weird fiction as he is from thriller crime fiction and dystopia. He is writing a crime story that could easily be called a spy novel. I'm not surprised that Peter F Hamilton, Hannu Rajaniemi and Richard Morgan all blurbed this novel since it crosses so many genres. Wolfhound Century is not out till March and in the US it will be hard cover only for the moment but because like Fade to Black it crosses so many speculative genres I can only say that's switch Fade fans of weird fiction Wolfhound is worth the money and more importantly the time. Peter Higgins is a great thriller writer reminding me of Perdido Street Station with his soviet, red paranoid era fiction. It's a novel a wish I'd not started before a full day of work. I want to have the time to devote to these character and this second world thriller....

Not expected till a month from this week it's a bit of a way off but here is the post from Orbit books


Ill get you more next week....


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