Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Busy and emotional day....

Today I had a post planned but life and movies got in the way so I will write about that and the things I am reading at the moment and a book I just must get a copy of.

For the last several days my MacBook has been waiting to go to the local computer store, Connecting Point Computer Centers is your in the Southern Oregon Rogue Valley. Couple months back my battery gave up the ghost and this week my ac adapter did too. I feel lucky that it was just that because a new adapter is much cheaper then any other issue it might be. I mention this because the people there are quite helpful and James in the service department is quite thorough when he checks our your machine when its ill. I give the store high marks and its always coolest to shop locally.

Getting home much later then I'd hoped due to getting some new duds for work and a trip to Trader Joes for food and such instead of writing about the book that will get reviewed tomorrow or Friday we watched a couple of movies. I have the pleasure to know a filmmaker from den Haag and we watched the final cut of a movie we have seen at several stages of editing. It's his longest film to date and has a narrative but it is by no means conventional in its storytelling. The title is Stray Dogs of Talad Noi and follows the lives of several real people in a small area of Bangkok Thailand; its very good and actually a fairly different film then the cut from some months back which was both surprising and cool at the same time. Like both of the films quite a bit. If you like experimental film you may want to try and track it down.

The other movie we watched was one from the late eighties called Orphans starring Albert Finny Matthew Modine and Kevin Anderson. It's a story that is often funny and incredibly moving overall. Describing it more I would give things away but I am sorry I did not see it when it was originally out; its one of those movies that you hope has a lasting impact on you. I do give the movie a big thumbs up but it is one where tissue may be in order..... at least I'd hope it would be.

Now as to what I have been reading. This week Natural History of Dragons hit the shelves, I know because getting to work Tuesday there was one in the shop window. I had read about the book and as a fan of Downton Abby, don't mock me its great soap opera, and with its "elevator pitch" seeming to be "it's Downton Abby with dragons" I was very interested in it. I had downloaded the eBook preview but had heat to crack the cover so to say.

Reading the preview was a joy and reminded me if reading Mary Robinette Kowal's "Shades of Milk and Honey". Natural History is told as a memoir so its all in the head of the protagonist Isabella, a wonam of the upper class, in a second world fantasy setting resembling Edwardian England. The writing style seemed very personal and self referential to books and lectures I as a reader had to imagine being familiar with. I found the little I got to read charming and I'm very interested to finish it. Here is a link to the preview through the TOR website give it a read it may be something up your ally too.

I'm also reading and ARC of the dark horse comic The Massive which is a post environmental apocalypse story that is mainly suspense and partially mystery and has me hooked to see the development of the tale.

The story of the Massive skips about in time giving you the heroes of the tale up till a cliffhanger, the telling of the disaster, then a bit more of the present day then back to the early relationships of the heroes. It's a slow burner as a thriller but I can say that by the time of the first scene change I was inboard for the ride.

So may be a bit of a mess today but somedays are like that and nothing you'd planned come to be but having the AC adapter die on Monday did pretty much suck so.... Well hope you enjoyed my details about the day and do check out Marie Brennan's new book it's not like much else out there and as I said what I've read was pretty good....


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