Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Comics (Feb 24th)

This week I've got three Marvel books for you.... The first is one that is about my favorite of all the books I gat these days.....

I have been a fan of Carol Danvers from back in her Xmen appearances in the eighties. She has been through a tremendous about emotional BS since those days and the title handled these days by Kelly Sue Deconnick the partner of the marvelous writer Mark Fraction is such a hero on her own. Among the numerous comics starring a woman these days Captain Marvel stands out as a personal story loaded with emotional weight and passion tied to the character of Carol it's a title grounded in what it is to be a person and to care about others. I missed out on the early issues if this and am sad not to have them.





I missed much of John Hickman's Fantastic Four and FF and am much the lesser for that because the few I've read are great speculative fiction. I did get on to the Avengers run he just started and though its been a slow build of something really big I'm glad I've had a chance to see some of it. The titles hat he is writing,avengers and New Avengers really tie together and reading one without the other I think the will be plots that will fall between the gaps.

This issue and the last one are spotlighting new female characters and how they became what they are now and how they mesh with the Avengers team. These stories also forward the ongoing story that has big implications I think so its going to take patience to get the most out of this. I have faith though.... And John has great little character bits that are worthy of the Joss Whedon movie the Avengers....





Jason Aaron is a writer I have little experience with but as with lots of the Marvel Now writers he seems to be taking the reigns of a franchise and running with it. Thor, which is a title I've both loved and disliked over the different writers, has returned with a violent and powerful story. Told over three different eras of the god of thunders life this is a title like Avengers.... It's a slow burn but like chilli peppers its the kind of burn hat I love.

As of this the fifth issue the story is getting its hooks into me and I'll be on board for this one as long as its this good..... I think this will read better as a whole as I think the marvelously Kirby like Captian America Now title will.... I'd love to have the money to get them both to be honest.....


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