Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SF Great....

By now you may have read about the health issues that science fiction author Ian Banks is facing. If not here is a link to the post I read that made me so sad this morning. In my family I had to relatives pass from inoperable cancers and I am so glad that Ian had the great National Health System of Scotland on his side with this. As readers we will get one more novel from him and that is a gift let us hope that he will live long enough to see it in print. His novel Consider Phlebas is one that has so many scenes that play in my mind when I think of great visual images. His is a name I know as a crime fiction and speculative fiction writer, multi talented and so respected in the writing field. So here is my idea. If you know the name or respect the name of Ian Banks go out this week and buy a new copy of one of his books... not necessarily the newest but go get one to celebrate his life and work and say that we respect his choice to live the rest of it any way he chooses.

Here is a virtual raising of a virtual glass to Ian Banks. A toast to you sir, hope you suffer little and live greatly as long as you can.

A link to his website can be found here he is now published by Orbit in the US and I think Orbit worldwide but I could be wrong about that. I wish him and his well in this time...


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