Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saga's saga...

Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples' science fantasy drama comic Saga is one I plan to write about in my article about Science Fiction comics but I have to mention this excellent comic read today. It came to my attention yesterday and has been mentioned around the Internet today that Apple has banned the sale of issue 12 out today from sales on its platforms (iPhone, I touch, iPad....). This is over a couple of scenes of homosexual content in the pages of the issue and considering that this is a mature audience title that has shown panels of heterosexual intercourse and several of what might be deemed scandalous or deviant practices in others a bit odd a time to try to put the horse back in the coral. Brian and his partner have made a statement in reaction here and the issue is available still in digital format here and is also out in its physical form at local comic shops. Here is the article I read yesterday.

Saga is the story about a Romeo and Juliet like couple in a science fiction setting where magic exists and set against the backdrop of a generations long war between two distinct factions. Most of the story is about the drama and love between the couple and the characters surrounding them and others drawn into the situation because of their cross breed child. Its the kind of wild storytelling that you'd expect to find of the better image and vertigo comics and most buyers interested in this story are adults. Apple could have filtered purchases to adult customers only if their censors were offended but honestly considering past content I'm surprised at this puritanical action.

Saga is about much more then the violent and sexual images that crop up.

Please note that images linked to in my links are most likely NSFW and you have been alerted to that right here. I'll be getting my issue of this in its real form tomorrow and will likely comment this weekend in my Sunday Comics column on Dead Wood Reviews....and on Dead wood comics

As an update I found this article on IGN and the comic is apparently not banned or censored and is available on the comixology store AND it was not Apple that made the decision to do anything with the issue. It was a misunderstanding about the content rules and was made by Comixology to keep with the guidelines of in app sales. Anyway I will leave this up and apologies for freaking out anyone or confusing anyone. Saga is still a great comic andi will be covering the series this week.... Sorry again..


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