Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Help out if you can.....

I spotted this call for help last night on SF Signal last night. Ben Wolverton (16) son of Science Fiction and Fantast writer David Farland was seriously recently and like many people in the US (like myself) has no health insurance. To raise the funds to pay for the care and treatments he will need there is a "Book Bomb" going on today asking readers to buy copies of either Davids's YA thriller Nightengale or his book called Million Dollar Outlines. David is known for both his fiction and his mentoring of other writers including Brandon Sanderson among others. Go to the above link for more information and the links to the book sales sites. If you want to give money directly here is the direct link to the gofundme site where they are funding his medial care.


As the SF Signal post about the book bomb asks if you can't donate money to spread the word about David Farland's need as far as you can. Thanks for your time and any help you can give.


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