Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scott Sigler Sunday.... (Well Monday actually)

Yes I know you may be he for my Sunday Comics feature and that is coming but I MUST represent for the FDO Scott Sigler. That acronym stands for Future Dark Overlord if you don't know and Scott Sigler is pretty much the king of the podcast novel. He is one of the few who parlayed giving his fiction away for free into a publishing empire, well at least a publishing phenomenon. He did not do this with erotic fan fic or with crazy cool dance moves while dressed classy he did it with good fiction well edited and stories personally told with passion and determination. So why am I going own about Scott?

Look at the poster above, The Rookie softcover for forty one cents and the Rookie plus the Starter for less the the cost of a fru fru espresso drink, or four dollars ten cents, before you add shipping that's pretty crazy right? Well before Scott got his St Martins contract for Infected, Contagion, and more he made a April first attack on amazon with his modern hard science horror thriller Ancestor and got to almost the top of the Amazon charts ( and would have if not for a book about a certain boy wizard ). This time around he wants to put this science fiction crime sports story into the hand of as many people as possible.

Now I'm not too much of a sports fan but I'm a big fan of this particular series of the FDOs. Honestly the story of Quinten Barnes and the GFL team the Krakens is pretty much my favorite. The story has a lot in common with epic fantasy and the players in this drama are greatly flawed and conflicted people and the growth and changes they go through are wonderful to follow. Now I recall listening to the original version of The Rookie, profanity and all, as a podcast from the FDO himself back in the day and loving the hell out of this mixture of crime stories, science fiction and sports drama worthy of a HBO series treatment (hint hint HBO). When he decided to go to press with it on his own with the backing of his fans he reworked it a bit and launched it as a YA series (really he just removed the profanity beyond that the story was largely unchanged)

Scott has maintained his weekly output of free podcast serials of his fiction from the early days of podcast fiction with Earthcore to this day, always there for the listening. He is as loyal to his fans as they are to him, hell as time has gone on he has added more projects to his plate rather then resting on his past successes.

So forego that extra fru fru coffe drink and order yourself some awesomeness in printed form .... April First ... Go do it its not a joke and you'd be a fool not to if your a action adventure and speculative fiction fan.... Make his take over that much closer....

For the FDO....



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