Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Comics

Sorry I'm a couple weeks behind on this one but I like to comment of books I've gotten a chance to read....

Paul Cornell is one of the comics, tv and speculative fiction writers whom I will pretty much follow anywhere. He's bounced back and forth between Marvel and DC for the last couple years and it looks like he's going marvel at the moment. If anyone could make the very overexposed character Wolverine who seems to be in almost every corner of the Marvel Universe interesting again. The first issue here drops you into the story in medias res which is usually people's first issue of most comics.

Reading this was a good deal of fun showing the humanity in this often relegated to berserker killer status character. Alan Davis and Farmer on the art makes me fell I'm reading classic Captain Britain from as they say back in the day. The issue is short on explanation but deep on feeling. At this price point its hard to do it but I have to give Mr. Cornell the time to build this story. It is nice to see Logan being just a normal guy... or at least as normal as a ancient mutant hero can be.


I've mentioned Captain Marvel by Deconnick before and this may become a monthly thing because this is such a good book. Ok reading the letters to the Cap. Editor are saying thi gs about the art but this is a book about the characters, their stories and lives. Ok yes there are dinosaurs and super villains and cosmic powers with women who can fly to the edge of space but beyond all that its about a woman named Carol Danvers her friends and how much they love and respect her. I really love this book and your should do the reader in you a favor and try it out.

Oh and those comments about the artistic changes. Comics go through that inconsistency all the time, I happen to love the diversity of styles of art that have graced this great book. Sebela has a style that is like no one else out there. This book has so much in common with my other must have these days Hawkeye; its about the characters as people.... look at my comment about the Wolverine title about about him being just this guy. Captain Marvel is just this gal named Carol who cares so much about the people round her that she has to do something to help.




The other really cool thing that I have to comment on is the Marvel Universe APP on the iTunes Store. The subscription available costs 10 or so a month and gives you access to the whole electronic library Marvel has posted. You can see a bunch of cool stuff from about 6 months or more ago for free, sure you don't get too many to view but there is enough that is cool that downloading the APP for free that even if you do not want a subscription its worth it if your into superhero comics; I got to read the first issue of the Age of Apocalypse book by David Lapham last week and a couple of great Ultimate Universe books this week that has wetted my appetite for more and I'm thinking that 10 a month is pretty affordable compared to the cost of ebooks or physical ones. I still love supporting local stores but access to such a big library is appealing. I'd say if you have to option check it out.


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  1. Oops the APP name is Marvel Unlimited and is worth a look since it seems very stable and works well....