Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kickstarting the End....

Bradley P. Beaulieu the author of The Lays of Anuskaya series which started with the Winds of Khalakovo a couple years ago from Nigh Shade Books has made the choice to kickstart the final novel in the series Tje Flames of Shadam Khoreh. Taking the high road on the reason for the break with his publisher he is simple going it on his own and that is admirable. The final book at this point, four days into the campaign, the book is assured in all the forms he has promised - trade paper, eBook and limited edition hard covers so if you are a fan of second world epic fantasy with strong Eastern European influences and all the bells and whistles like maps, appendixes and dramatis personai should take a peek. There are plans to

Though I have a copy of the existing volumes I have yet to dive in and looking again at the reviews about the books I can't imagine anything more up my alley interest wise. People compare it to reading the work of Steven Erikson, in the way readers are plunged head first into the world, and the few that have read it all compare it favorable with GRRM's Game Of Thrones. The little I have read has very much its own feel Bradley is creating something new an totally his won and reviewers say so much that says to me that this can stand well alongside the modern classics.

Here is the link to his kickstarter for this project. You can get the eBook for the final volume pretty cheaply and the complete series for the cost of one trade paperback or a couple of mass market paperbacks these days. At higher levels you can get all the trade versions with consistent cover design or hard covers. He put together a short fiction collection earlier through Kickstarter that I wish I had gotten a chance to support. Thought I'd point your attention this way.


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