Thursday, June 3, 2010

Next up and more...

Hello all
just to let you know the next novel up for review will be James Barclays Noonshade

which should be posted within about a week...
Noonshade is the second in The Chronicles of the Raven sequence and my first exposure to the series and to be honest it took a while to get into the characters but I quite liked it once the setting grew on me.

Following that I will be attacking several collections published by Nightshade Books of the Dread Empire Books by Glen Cook. These I did not know about till the re-issued versions. These were not ARC editions and am glad to have paid for them none the less. Glen Cook I was familiar with having been a reader of his Black Company series in the 90's.

I will start with the collection of short stories Empire Unacquainted with Defeat

to be followed by the collection of novels I am currently reading through A Cruel Wind

Unless I receive ARC's during that time these will be followed by the first in a recent Epic Fantasy series Empire of Black and Gold

After these it is hard to say but I may try to get some short stories or books I read last year and did not review in... I would love to see books like The Steel Remains get the attention they deserve....

Take care


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