Tuesday, June 22, 2010

another fine e-format reprint

Though I have my attachment to old dead tree products I have to say that getting my hands on reprints of books from 15 or 25 years ago in electronic format to re-read is pretty great. Rudy Rucker has allowed another of his creations out for free here; this time it is is fine four volume masterpiece comprising Software, Wetware, Freeware, and Realware. Up till now to re-read these fine novels I would be scavenging in used book shops for ages to re-acquire them... they are now mine and can be yours for the small fee of free. Now I am all for authors getting full payment for their work but I will happily download these and buy their next new volume when it comes out.

Prime Books has made a print version of the novels available and in celebration of this they are allowing a free e version to be distributed. This has been touted by several of the blogs that I follow today but I thought I would pass it along to anyone interested.

So anyone who missed these slim novels an age ago go download these and see one of the classics of the genre. Then go and pickup a copy of Postsingular and its sequel. Rudy Rucker has given his dues and is worth your money; but get this for free is you don't have access to them in another way.


Prime books if also the publisher for Nick Mamatas of Move Underground and You Might Sleep, Ekaterina Sedia who wrote Alchemy of Stone and Secret History of Moscow along with editing some fince collection and John Langan of Mister Gaunt and other uneasy Encounters. They also printed Seeds of Change edited by John Joseph Adams which was one of my favorite collections of 2009.

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