Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pull list Oct 8 2014


Captain Marvel 8

Kelly Sue Deconnick is writing some of the best and often funniest adventure stories out there for me at lest. The last issue of Captain Marvel brought her back to the ship she left earth in to join the Guardians of the Galaxy in where Rocket has been keeping all too close an eye of her cat/flerkin whichever it is. I think this story has the potential to be a really funntwist on the Ridley Scott aliens story. This is one of the comics that often makes me either think or honestly laugh out load depending on the story. Its also one of the best booking comics because Marvel tends to pair Kelly Sue with artists that are not typical or pushing any house style. Love this book.



Rocket Racoon 4

Scotty Young's time as artist writer on this book seems to be limited but as with All New Ghost Rider I will stick with this book because I like the characer a lot and the book is doing something different that is considered regular continuity and that is a good thing. Its certainly not an all ages title given the level of violence and the implications about Rocket and his proclivities re rescued princesses. I'm enjoying the difference in tone that kind of lampoons the rest of the superhero genre in a similar way to the Bisley version of Lobo used to...


Amazing Spider-Man 7

Though I'm picking up a couple of the Edge of Spiderverse books that is not the reason I'm getting this. Dan Slott is a pretty able writer and I did enjoy the Superior Spider-Man issues I got electronically where they were on sale I can't branch out into more books given price and space issues. So yes I'm getting this because Ms Marvel is in it and the few preview pages looked rather nice... I know its a bit of a marketing thing maybe but I'll fall for it because I love that title almost as much as I love Captain Marvel.




Copperhead 2

So yeah along with legacy heroines, talking gun toting raccoons, space westerns are a thing for me that I simply can't pass up. Was this as outright great out of the gate as Saga no but it was solid storytelling, it was characterful and the great art reminiscent to me of Alien Legion from back in the day does not hurt. Police procedural western in space that promises Deadwood leanings I'm pretty much solidly there with this one and will be giving it several issues to develope.



Birthright 1

This sounds like a title that will appeal to the epic fantasy fan in me but definitely along very different lines from Rat Queens. This takes the portal fantasy plot taking a young adult from our world to a fantasy setting where they become the hero of legends. The tale here seems to be the aftermath in that the boy hero disappears to have his adventure the returns a year later much older and much changed by the events. The fantasy story aparently will be mainly revealed in memories and flashbacks so there will be two different hero tales layered together... sounds complicated and multifaceted. I think this will well be worth a look




Batgirl 35

I am picking this up for the same reason I am trying out Gotham Academy; its DC trying something new and outside the grim dark that I feel has become its stock in trade these days. The redesign of the costume appeals to me as does a break from the other bat titles which made the Gail Simone era not to my likeing with all the crossovers breaking the narrative. Here's hoping its up to the hype....

Hexed 3

Fans of heist storylines with magic and lots of mystery should be checking this out. Hexed the last time around was the book the Emma Rios knocked out of the water and this time around lookes to be no different with a new great artistic talent in Dan Mora. This story started with the heist of a mystical painting and spiraled out of control into a trip into the lands beyond death and revelation of a dark power released into the world. The titles threw us right into the action and let us figure it out as we go...love it.


Axis 1

Now to contradict what I said earlier about crossovers in that I'll be buying into at lease the first issue of this one. I happen to love the Kubert brothers artwork and though I either love or feel let down by Rick Remender I'm willing to go for the first issue because if he hits on a good story he doesn't fail when it comes to the ending of it. So much is already known about this book and its repercussions well I will have to get back to people next week after I read it....



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