Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pull List Wednesday Sept 24, 2014


All New Ghost Rider 7

Yes I was sad when Traad Moore left this title because of the dynamic artwork he was doing but the first issue of the new artist Damin Scott last month proved a very cool surprise. It took a bit of time to warm up to the graffiti influences style but I quite like it looking at it again. This story arc promises to bring in the original Ghost Rider Jonny Blaze and hopefully will shed some more light on what the new Ghost Rider might be and what sinister side this new spirit of Vengence might just have. Filipe Smith created something successfully different with Robbie Reyes, a boy straddled with responcibility who has now come into power... I really hope that he gets a chance to tell the whole story he has planned here. I don't want to see another comic I'm digging get shelved before its time...


All New Invaders 10

This is one of the two titles out this that makes the Namor fan in me happy, he's one of the characters that really falls outside the polarized world of heros and villains in his own realm. James Robinson and Steve Pugh are doing some very fun things in this book and really the only thing missing here is a female presence among these World War Two soldiery heroes. This title is kinda a buddy bromance spy adventure story starring Jim Hammond the original Human Torch now agent of SHIELD and Namor who's living a very interesting life at the moment. This issue is the second that sees them, Bucky the Winter Soldier and still young Steve Rogers Cap fighting an army of Deathlocks who aparently are owned by an alien posing as a human. All of this seems to be leading to a war with Mars or something.



New Avengers 24

This is the one I'm probably looking forward to the most. The last issue was retry telling about all the characters that were part of the illuminati and who they are when the chips are really down and who will do what is necessary. I really love the choices Hickman made and agree with his assessment of the big players Richards, Stark, McCoy, Strange, and the Panther. This issue must introduce the new Avengers and is they are the ones on the cover well I can say I dig it. I won't say much more about it till I've read it come Thursday... Before reading issue 23 I'd have said you had me at Thanos but now well you had me at Namor....



Mighty Avengers 14

Al Ewing is making what is most often the funest of the many avengers offerings and well quite obviously the one with the most diverse cast of characters. I have always been a fan of the adventures of Luke Cage Power Man and being a horror comics kinda geek I was a fan of Blade from the old days too. This may be a book who's days are numbered in this current incarnation to be immediately replaced with Captain America and the Mighty Avengers with the same writer and mostly the same team. Maybe its not the time to jump on and read the adventures of The Blue Marvel, Spectrum, She-Hulk, the new Poweman, White Tiger, and Luke Cage but well maybe perhaps too it is the right time to do so and grab some of the back issues too. Oh and anyone that missed the Original Sin issues really they were a blast....







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