Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wanted Dispatch Nov 2

So its November and for me that means its NaNoWriMo time. I don't know if any of my readers out there do it or know about it but I'd ask you to wish me luck. If your working away at you fifty k words to I wish you luck and I will not crow about my own only share that I have managed to write at least for the first two days so far and no I am not counting these words. I'm really enjoying this years attempt so far. If your doing it and want a nano buddy I'm glshade...on to this weeks shiny things...

Dance of Blades by David Dalglish

So last month I had the first of the books for this assassin centric sword and sorcery series on my blog and here is the second volume. David as I said before published this through a smaller publisher before and its great for him and since it is coming out monthly great for those of us who are looking for more good sw&s novels. So here is a link to Orbits website for a story excerpt. And if you just want a peek at the synopsis..


It's been five long years since the city learned to fear...

The war between the thief guilds and the powerful allegiance known as the Trifect has slowly dwindled. Now only the mysterious Haern is left to wage his private battle against the guilds in the guise of the Watcher - a vicious killer who knows no limits. But when the son of Alyssa Gemcroft, one of the three leaders of the Trifect, is believed murdered, the slaughter begins anew. Mercenaries flood the streets with one goal in mind: find and kill the Watcher.

Peace or destruction; every war must have its end.

Fantasy author David Dalglish spins a tale of retribution and darkness, and an underworld reaching for ultimate power

Swords are My Business Alex Bledsoe

This is a new one for me to point you all towards; This is a collection of the four Eddie Lacrosse Novels that mixed the tropes of sword and sorcery with noir crime novels and I think though popular really did not get the audience it could have. They have collected them into a single volume eBook and should absolutely be on your list if either genre is your thing. Alex is an excellent storyteller and this is a well worth a look if you have an e reader. The people at the website Dragonmount have a full description that you can go look at here

The God Tattoo by Tom Lloyd

This is a short story collection of stories set in the same world as the Twilight Reign series that started with Stormcaller and ended with The Ragged Man. Having read Stormcaller I can say this series tells a tale that to me felt somewhere between Game of Thrones and Malazan Book of the fallen. Tom Lloyd's story had much of the feeling of scope from GRRM's series and the totally crazy gonzo wild magic and tone from Steve Erikson and Ian Esselmont's series. Here is the synopsis and a link to Pry who are the publisher here in the US.

A collection of short stories, set in the world of the Twilight Reign series.

Eleven stories that add further colour and shape to the epic story of the Twilight Reign series - this is an essential volume for Tom Lloyd's many fans.

The history of the Land may remember the slaughter at Moorview or the horror of Scree's fall, but there were other casualties of the secret war against Azaer - more tales surrounding those bloody years that went unrecorded. In the shadow of memorials to the glorious dead, these ghosts lie quiet and forgotten by all but a few.

A companion collection to the Twilight Reign quintet, these 11 stories shine a rather different light on the Land. Look past the armies and politics of the Seven Tribes and you will find smaller moments that shaped the course of history in their own way. But even forgotten secrets can kill. Even shadows can have claws.

Starhawk by Jack McDevitt

And this weeks one non fantasy title is one what snuck up on me in an odd way. Penguin in the US sent me a review copy of this military space opera written by a former naval officer and one of the authors I've been wanting to read for several years now... here is the synopsis (this is the continuation of a series and will be another time I'm diving in mid story...)

Priscilla Hutchins has been through many experiences.

This is the story of her first unforgettable adventure…

Priscilla Hutch” Hutchins has finally realized her lifelong dream: She’s completed a nerve-bending qualification flight for a pilot’s license.

Her timing is far from optimal, however. Faster-than-light travel has only recently become a reality, and the World Space Authority is still learning how to manage long-range missions safely. To make matters worse, efforts to prepare two planets for colonization are killing off native life-forms, outraging people on Earth.

So there’s not a lot of demand for space pilots. Priscilla thinks her career may be over before it has begun. But her ambition won’t be denied, and soon she is on the bridge of an interstellar ship, working for the corporation that is responsible for the terraforming.

Her working conditions include bomb threats, sabotage, clashes with her employersand a mission to a world, adrift between the stars, that harbors a life-form unlike anything humanity has ever seen. Ultimately, she will be part of a life-and-death struggle that will test both her capabilities and her character...

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