Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wanted Dispatch April 13

Ok me fellow genre readers this is yet another spare week as far as new books go but it is oh such a good one.

London Falling by Paul Cornell is imminent here in the US... Hell I'm so exited about this one ill post both the covers for it. Why you may want to know I'm wanting this one so much; Paul Cornell has written for the reborn series of Doctor Who as well as for the Doctor Who novels, he has written some great British influenced comics for DC and for Marvel (including a well respected run of Captain Britian a few years back). He's also one of the genre loving authors on the excellent and award willing podcast the SFSqueecast and in addition to having a marvelous voice his taste in all things genre lines up pretty well with mine ( I've long been a 2000 AD reader and fanboy)

So enough of the gushing about Paul, this novel promises to be an urban fantasy police procedural and I have hopes to love it as much as I love the UF police procedural of Ben Aaronovitch's, Rivers of London (retitled Midnight Riot in the US). UK writers tend to write crime dramas that appeal to me like Like on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Luther, and the likes of Inspector Lewis, Prime Suspect and Inspector Morse.

Here is the link to the SF Squeecast go listen its so damn good.

Paul tends to write stories that are complex and many layered with characters that hold their cards close to their chest. He is subtle where other writers are brash but has lacks nothing where it comes to story telling. Here is the link for the exerpt on Its coming out hardcover but I think it will be worth it. I have a ARC to read and review and though its Women in Sf and F month I have to read this now.


And here is an apology from me though I want to give you more today in terms if the nebulas I have house guests and will have to leave the teat till a Sunday or dispatch supplement.







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