Monday, December 6, 2010

PYR celebrates 100th published novel

Pry Books releases it's 100th novel this month with James Enge's The Wolf Age. If you have any interest in weird fiction, sword and sorcery or adventure fiction in general I'd say you really should check out his fiction.
And in this celebration you can for free. The fine people at Pyr is giving away a free short story for your reading pleasure. Go here and get an epub copy of a short Morlock story by James Enge. If it is anything like the story from Swords and Dark Magic it's bound to be a great deal of fun, not just a little creepy and all kinds of weird.
James Enge's fiction has been published in The magazine Black Gate and with The Wolf Age Pyr has published two novels and one collection of his shorter fiction. Why not check it out, it is free and it's in an easily portable ePub format.

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