Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 24th Dead Wood Pull Sheet....


Grindhouse Vol 2 #2

Alex De Campi's irreverent horror exploitation title to me is the modern inheritor of the tradition of Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, House is Secrets/House of Mystery and like anthology titles. She's giving us two to three issue story arcs and apparently will be revisiting past stories like the original killer bee influenced invasion tale. The art talent Dark Horse is investing in this book is pretty exceptional too. I personally love the fact were getting a suspense book called Slay Ride just in time for the big holiday. To me the first issue of this reminded me of Stephen King in a very good was with that kind of creeping dread. You know if this souds like your kind of thing. $3.99

Resurrectionists #3

Fred van Lente apparently has a great love of historical fiction and this story of serial reincarnation involing the classics heist plot elements started out strong. When one of the people in this world recall their past lives they get acces to more then just the memories but all their developed skills so though not superhuman these people have the accumulated experience of lifetimes. Loss is the core of the story for the main character come to the knowledge of the loss he suffered far in the Egyptian past and his repeated encounters with the woman he was married to and lost so long back. That said its more Italian Job then romantic drama or comedy and I have great hopes for complexity and feeling for the book. $3.50





They're Not Like Us #1

When it comes to new titles from the big two companies you can be pretty sure as to the kind of book your getting give or take a few here and there. From Image its sometimes predictable and other times not but its always interesting (I'm looking at you Rumble). This book looks to be something about how the new generation are not at all like the old one. I recall the writers name Eric Stephenson but I can't recall where and the art looks pretty good and given its fromSkybound which has yet to dissappoint me well I'll be trying this $2.99 title... Oh and if your not reading Manifest Destiny you are so kissing out on some good seditious storytelling.

Captain Amwrica and the Mighty Avengers #3

I'm not really happy with Axis, I love the exploration of the morals that villains really do sometimes have and like to see their hidden depths but somehow seeing the bad in the heroes just isn't... Well just isn't. This book is the one of the two Avengers titles that I do make an effort to get all of since Al Ewing has such a great way with character and story no matter what is intruding editorially into his story. I'm looking forward to the fight here since its like to be hilarious at times. Oh and the Blue Marvel is one of the characters I'm so glad to have encountered... $3.99


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