Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wanted Dispatch July 13

The Melancholy of Mecha Girl by Catherynne M Valente

Wether it is a new adult or YA novel short story or collection I'm always happy to see more work from Catherynne. This is a collection of her work that has at least a vague of not obscure reference to Japan in some way. As someone who like Japanese myths, and many forms of Japanese pop entertainment from a very young age I am anxious to get a chance to read these stories taken from all over the short fiction markets including the anthology from Haikasoru called The Future is Japanese. The cover is evocative of things both traditional and modern and I expect hat the stories inside are about the same knowing her fondness for pulling from myth, folk tales and history to create her stories. Here is a link to the Haikasoru site so you can take a peek at the excerpt.


Imaginarium 2013 edited by Sandra Kasturi

From my favorite small publisher of dark fiction, ChiZine, comes a collection of the best short speculative fiction from Canadian writers. Some of the names are pretty recognize able like the epic fantasy writer Dave Duncan, poetry and story fiction writer Amal El Mohtar, AM Dellamonica who's urban fantasy I'd like to read and Gemma Files who's grim western fantasy I loved but the vast majority of the Table of Contents are unknown to me and that is particularly exiting. Collections like this hit the high points of the years work so you're pretty much gong to get a good ride from most of the stories. Urban Fantasy writer Tanya Huff writes the introduction and well I think I'll just give the link here to the ChiZine page for the book. Its available from them direct as an eBook and its usually the best way to get it if you live outside of Canada but is you order the print edition they usually give you the eBook to read while you await the real thing.



North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud

With high praise coming from Jeff Vandermeer for Nathan's work I am pretty much on board from that endorsement alone. has been touting this title a lot this moth too including this bit of fiction to entice people into Weird Fiction....


So this week its a lot of sort fiction and it is great to see so many collections and anthologies coming around...



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