Thursday, February 7, 2013

Used e-Books???

Today through two bloggers I read daily... Chuck Wendig and John Scalzi commented on an article that Chuck linked to that says Amazon is planning to sell "used" ebooks. I felt the reactions of both of them were well thought out and well reasoned. In thinking about it myself it occurs to me that it may be because they are only selling a license to read a file rather then the file itself this may be slightly legally possible. Over the last five some years Amazon has pretty much made me never want to use them unless there is literally no other way to get something and the last time I got something from them was for MK Hobsons kickstarter published book.

I'd encourage people to use independent stores like Weightless books the Kobo store and actually buy books and ebooks new since that way the people who created it get something and avoid the 800lb gorilla in the net....


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