Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review stall


I am working on trimming down the thoughts I have down for the Noonshade review... I think I have said a bit too much at the moment and don't want to give anything away... it is hard since I will be giving away the end of the first novel to begin with...

anyway in on another front Tobias S Buckell's collection of short fiction Tides from the New Worlds available in hardback from Wyrm Publishing (Clarkesworld magazine) is now out in several electronic formats and Tobias sent me a review copy to read on my Itouch.... I know its not deadwood but the man is such a good writer and the hardcover is 40US... and from the little I've read well worth the money... the collection is available for numerous formats and I will have a review up for that on the heels of Noonshade...

Till then take care


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