Thursday, January 7, 2010

Racing the release of ....

I am currently reading Angry Robots upcoming release of The Bookman From Lavie Tidhar a "steampunk" adventure set in London. I feel privileged to get the chance to read it and to comment on it for people curious about the novel. I'm getting my first real experience of reading a novel on an itouch (should the I there e a capital) with the application Stanza. Pretty odd reading a steampunk novel on a hand held tablet; the formatting is taking a little getting used to (chapter titles chapter quotations and chapter beginnings are not separated by more then a space.)
The Bookman so far has a great amount of atmosphere to it; I am reminded of my imaginings of victorian London from descriptions in history classes of a sooty, dark and crowded city. Lavie Tidhar opens his world to the reader through the eyes of Orphan and you never get the infodump feeling or a feeling like you are lost or confused just intrigued and wanting more. I will leave the review till I finish
here is the cover of the aforementioned victorian novel....

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